Congratulations to All of Our Front Line Heroes!

Throughout human history, those who help have always been our heroes in challenging times. And since the beginning of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona has learned about the extraordinary efforts of those who have gone above and beyond to help serve and save our community.

We knew that unwavering support had to not only be acknowledged – but celebrated across Arizona. So, we put the word out to our fellow Arizonans to help us honor the various Front Line Heroes across our state, hear their stories, and learn about their tireless efforts to support those affected by COVID-19.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona is excited to recognize and reward our relentless Front Line Heroes with $1,000 as a token of appreciation for their hard work during these challenging times. Plus, the Grand Prize winner in each category selected an Arizona charity to receive a $10,000 donation from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona!

And to all the Front Line Heroes out there, we see you, we appreciate you, and we sincerely thank you for all the sacrifices you’ve made to help keep Arizona healthy and safe.


The Patrick Saenz Memorial Award

Patrick SaenzThe Patrick “Hal” Saenz Award honors non-hospital healthcare workers who have devoted themselves to helping others during the pandemic.

This award was created in honor of a cherished employee of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona who we tragically lost to COVID.

Recipients of the award have stepped up and gone above and beyond to provide thoughtful leadership and passionate care in the community.

This is the spirit in which Patrick lived his life.

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