Non-Hospital Healthcare Workers

We proudly recognize all the remarkable healthcare-related workers and award them with the beloved Patrick Saenz Memorial Award.

Grand Prize Winner

Zaira Morales

Partner Charity

St. Vincent de Paul

Zaira was able to partner with two national clinics to offer free COVID-19 tests to the underserved population. In a three-month period, the clinic was able to offer approximately 6,000 tests for underserved patients living in 217 different ZIP codes throughout Arizona who had no other access to testing. Zaira’s passion and perseverance is the stuff that heroes are made of.

St. Vincent de Paul Phoenix is dedicated to feeding, clothing, housing, and healing individuals and families in our community who have nowhere else to turn for help. Just as important, they provide meaningful opportunities for volunteers to serve their neighbors in need with love and compassion. Learn how the Arizona organization supports the community here.

The Patrick Saenz Award

The Patrick “Hal” Saenz Award honors non-hospital healthcare workers who have devoted themselves to helping others during the pandemic. This award was created in honor of a cherished employee of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona who we tragically lost to COVID. Recipients of the award have stepped up and gone above and beyond to provide thoughtful leadership and passionate care in the community. This is the spirit in which Patrick lived his life.

Non-Hospital Healthcare Workers

Other Winners

Take a look at other Non-Hospital Healthcare Front Line Heroes whose commitment and courage have kept us going during this difficult time.

  • Julia Hessinger

    Time and time again, part-time respite attendant and habilitation care worker Julia Hessinger has stepped up for the families she cares for. After working her full-time job, she spends her evenings not only caring for those in her community with special needs, but making sure the rest of their family is supported, filling in where needed to ensure the family unit is functioning well. Ms. Hessinger is a super caregiver–and a helping hand in a time of need.

  • Anthony Creswell

    With the pandemic came lockdown isolation, school closings, and an increase in household stress. That’s when Full Circle Program Director Anthony Creswell sprung into action, building a tight-knit, supportive community for parents and youth in crisis, as well as those who have lost children to addiction. From Zoom meetings and online social activities to in-person activities when allowed, Mr. Creswell was able to find new creative ways to keep everyone engaged and on track.

  • Kimberly Moon

    With the first whispers of COVID, TMC Health Care supply chain professional Ms. Moon activated her super-caring ability to forecast the PPE need and made sure it was in-house when needed. She ensured all staff were trained on how to properly and effectively use that PPE before the crisis hit, so staff was comfortable and safe.  Ms. Moon was also able to provide resources and supplies to rural partners and nonprofits throughout Arizona coordinating donations and distribution when needed.

  • Stephanie Green

    When COVID-19 arrived, veteran RN Stephanie Green spent countless hours coordinating care for senior citizens across southern Arizona, including meal delivery, housing and utility assistance, medication and medical supply deliveries, establishing virtual telehealth appointments, and coordinating a drive-through flu vaccine clinic for vulnerable adults. Ms. Green’s heroic efforts made it possible for many of our most vulnerable to get the care they needed.

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