First Responders

We proudly sing the praises of all our Police, Fire and EMTs, and Military/National Guard.

Grand Prize Winner

Kelley Mure

Partner Charity

Angels on Patrol

Kelley has worked tirelessly through the COVID-19 pandemic to support Arizona soldiers and their families. She has steadfastly answered calls for assistance, often at night and over weekends, to help soldiers and their families with anything, from preparing meals, to providing diapers for babies, donating gas money, sharing counseling resources, and making sure those affected never have to face challenges alone. She is a member of the Traumatic Event Management Team and helps provide crisis counseling to Army National Guard Units who have suffered a loss.

Angels on Patrol provides officer-initiated support to community members in times of crisis. It allows officers to assist beyond their official capacity by providing needed resources to a family, individual, or child they come in contact with while on duty. At the most critical time, basic emergent needs are supplied along with the connection to long-term resources designed to encourage self-sustainability and empowerment.  Learn how Angels on Patrol helps here!

First Responders

Other Winners

Check out other First Responder Front Line Heroes who’ve been running to our rescue day in and day out.

  • Whitney Gilhart

    As an EMT who responds to 911 calls, Ms. Gilhart regularly encounters people when they are in crisis.

    Even when deployed to Texas and Louisiana to support areas that were ravaged by sickness during the pandemic, Ms. Gilhart never failed to keep people calm and safe. Her relentless efforts to decontaminate ambulances and rooms at nursing homes help to keep our most vulnerable population healthy, a testament to her heroic ability to lend a hand–and a smile.

  • Alicia Bia

    With COVID hitting rural areas with no access to ICU or the specialized medicine COVID cases often need, flight RN Ms. Bia can often be found hurtling through the sky from hospital to hospital to work 24-hour shifts. Always ready at a moment’s notice to provide care with a positive attitude and a never-quit philosophy, Ms. Bia has weathered through the pandemic with a smile and humor for her co-workers, often lifting their spirits when they most need it.

  • Evelyn Lara Echeverry

    With as little as three-hour notice to travel to areas in need of emergency assistance for 30 days at a time, local emergency response paramedic Ms. Echeverry has often stepped away from her family and friends (and dog!) to answer the call–whenever, and wherever, she is needed. From New Jersey to Texas and Louisiana, Ms. Echeverry’s commitment and reliability exemplifies the kind of team member everyone wants during an unprecedented pandemic like COVID 19.

  • Zachary McDonald

    Called by a desire to help people in need, Mr. McDonald became a certified EMT during the pandemic–picking up a second, part-time EMT job to assist his community further. In addition to his EMT duties, Mr. McDonald has for years made a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal for hundreds of members in his community. And while COVID-19 changed how he did that in 2020, he still provided that meal. Even his co-workers rave about how they’ve come to rely on him in times of need.

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