We appreciate the exceptional efforts of our educators, school assistants, and classroom helpers.

Grand Prize Winner

Lauren Holzer

Partner Charity

Kyrene Foundation

Lauren created an online classroom that literally looked identical to her in-person classroom, and delivered printed packets to her kids who had no technology or internet access at home. In every obstacle she faced throughout this pandemic, she never wavered and kept finding a way to ensure her students’ learning experience was uninterrupted. Lauren’s tireless efforts and winner’s spirit are nothing short of heroic!

The Kyrene Schools Community Foundation’s (KSCF) mission is to serve and provide resources for children and families in the Kyrene community. KSCF works with corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, community members, and the Kyrene School District to fund programs, grants, and scholarships to support the schools teachers, students, and families. This includes teacher grants, the family resource center, athletic and enrichment scholarships, and annual initiatives like Backpacks for Students and Thanksgiving Food Boxes. Learn more about how the KSCF supports their community here!


Other Winners

Check out other Front Line Hero Educators who overcame overwhelming obstacles to keep kids educated and engaged in learning.

  • Steve King

    When COVID-19 hit, Mr. King didn’t hesitate to put his super caring spirit into action. As superintendent of the Cottonwood-Oak Creek School District, he quickly rallied administration and staff to plan and implement virtual teaching, worked to ensure vulnerable students received meals they would have received at school, and worked with internet providers to establish low-cost Wi-Fi and hot spots in the rural communities for families with no internet access.

  • Danchi Nguyen

    Throughout this unprecedented pandemic, Ms. Nguyen has championed students at Camelback High School like no other. Refusing to let COVID leave her students feeling socially isolated and alone, Ms. Nguyen recognized the importance of social connections early in the pandemic, organizing virtual club meetings to make sure students could socialize safely. She even helps students find ways to serve their community, and assists in securing resources so they can be successful.

  • Debbie Moore

    From the start of the pandemic, Deer Valley Unified School District’s Ms. Moore fastened her superhero marketing cape and went to work. Day after day, she incorporated economic and social effects of the pandemic into her lessons. From the supply and demand around the toilet paper shortage to the ethics of price gouging and the psychology of hoarding, Ms. Moore engages all her students–calming their fears with facts.

  • Janine Hernandez

    Despite her high risk of contracting COVID-19, Ms. Hernandez simply refused to let the virus come between her and middle school students. She has helped organize fundraisers for a family struck by tragedy, mentored a former student away from self-harm, and assisted a family with baby formula when they were struggling to pay bills due to COVID. For over 27 years, Ms. Hernandez has made sure her students know she is there for them and will never give up on them, no matter what.

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