Is There a Hero in Your Midst?

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You don’t have to look high in the sky to spot a hero, and while it’s unlikely they will be wearing a cape many of them will be wearing a mask. You will find these heroes in your neighborhoods, schools, local grocery stores,  on the front lines of our lives, stepping up to help serve our community every day during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, we are committed to inspiring health in all Arizonans—and need your help to celebrate the Front Line Heroes who are inspiring us in so many ways.

Nominate heroes for their inspiring contributions to our community!

The Reward…

Five heroes in each of six categories will win $1,000! Plus, one winner in each category will get to select a charity to receive a $10,000 donation in their name from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona!

Check out the categories below…

The Patrick Saenz Memorial Award

Patrick SaenzThe Patrick “Hal” Saenz Award honors non-hospital healthcare workers who have devoted themselves to helping others during the pandemic.

This award was created in honor of a cherished employee of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona who we tragically lost to COVID.

Recipients of the award have stepped up and gone above and beyond to provide thoughtful leadership and passionate care in the community.

This is the spirit in which Patrick lived his life.

We’ve Identified Winners in 6 Heroic Categories

Healthcare Workers

Any and all hospital workers who care for our Arizonans who need medical care.


Teachers, school assistants, classroom helpers and tutors.

First Responders

People we count on in an emergency such as Police, Fire, EMTs, Military, and National Guard.


From helpful neighbors to those who are donating their time to serve others at food pantries, homeless shelters, veterans organizations, and countless other organizations.

Essential Service Workers

Those who make the services we rely on in our daily lives possible in a pandemic such as grocery store employees, delivery drivers, sanitation workers, janitorial staff, food service personnel, and so many others.

Healthcare Workers

Employees at assisted living or care facilities, pharmacies, doctor offices, clinics and others. This award is in memory Patrick Saenz, a care manager and valued member of our Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona team who was lost to COVID-19 earlier this year.

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